Youth Ministry


The Youth Ministry of All Saints is a group of youth coming together in a safe and fun place where all are respected and loved.

We try to meet two times a month to have fun and to creatively explore our faith.  The youth that come are in grades 7 and up.  Over hospitality (most of us love the barbeque wings and pizza from No Anchovies and lollipops) and unique icebreakers, we take time to share latest experiences with each other.  Through performing skits, viewing movie clips, and participating in creative group games (Blind Draw, Pipe Cleaner Sculpture, Toilet Paper Unroll, Re-roll), we explore our faith at the youth level.  In the past, we have explored issues such as self-esteem, the greatest commandment, reasons for attending mass, prophetic people and visionaries, gossip, praying for our enemies, the Blessed Virgin Mary, community service and commitment, and anger management. 

We play games (Scattergories, Spot It, Labels, Rory's Story Cubes, LCR and Uno are a couple of our favorites).  We have a make-shift ping pong table and have a bumper pool table.  We watch movies and have Field Day evenings.  At the close of most of our gatherings, we come together in circle and share prayer intentions with each other.  After a final blessing, we end with a newfound love for our Lord Jesus, embrace his cross lovingly and in our own unique ways, bring the beautiful cross to the crowd.

Possible upcoming events for us include:  A Youth Lock In, Youth Rally, Steubenville East retreat, a trip to the LaSallette Shrine, a Sean Forrest concert and a possible mission trip.  Wherever we go, we know that God will be by our sides cheering for us.  GO GANG, GO . . . All for God's Glory!

For more information regarding All Saints Youth Ministry, contact Susan King at 860-743-0348 or at


St. Edward values youth and currently is working on creating a lively, energetic community for young adults.