Ladies Guild

St. Edward Ladies Guild is a church organization that promotes spiritual, educational, and philanthropic interests in the Parish and hosts many of the Parish receptions and functions. It is a channel through which the women of the Parish work to further spiritual and material undertakings which may be recommended to the Ladies Guild by the Pastor.

In the past, the Guild has raised funds for the purchase of vestments, a sound system, candles, altar cloths, statues, tables for the hall and many other needed items for the church.  Our organization is committed to assist the Pastor in whatever capacity is needed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Pat Saunders at 860-306-9419.

The current officers are:

President                                    Pat Saunders

Vice President                             Agnes Zabik

Secretary                                    Carolyn Drouin

Treasurer                                    Ella Lazzerin

Corresponding Secretaries        Joanne Gall (Publicity & Advertising) Alice Armstrong (Cards)

Auditors                                      Patrice Talamini and Zofia Fitzgerald